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    The fishing license it's a legal instrument that allows you to practice the sport fishing activity, under the regulations established on the document on this control system. You must bring with you the printed fishing license, since it may be required by the corresponding authorities in compliance with the law, so when operating a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid fishing license to avoid fines and/or sanctions for non-compliance of legal regulations.

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  • The fishing license is individual and nontransferable By having it, fishermen are complying with the law and have the right to catch a certain number of species per day as determined through a point system. Each fisherman is entitled to fish up to 10 points.
    Billfish (marlin, sailfish, swordfish): 5 points* each. Dorado and roosterfish: 2.5 points* earch. Other species 1 point* per specimen *You cannot catch more than 5 points of the same species per day.
    In Mexico we promote a 'Catch and Release' campaign and thus, only one specimen of billfish is allowed to be captured pero boat, per day. Help us preserve the species reserved for sportfishing by collaborating wih the campaing... Thank You!

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